In Summer 2019, biochemistry major Katherine Lindsay ‘20 was granted $4157.00 to cover costs associated with a research internship in Germany.

Lindsay notes:

I’m really thankful for my Denison experiences which enabled me to apply to opportunities like the DAAD program. The classes I took within my major gave me a solid foundational background and working in Dr. Yoo’s lab has shaped my research interests. Dr. Yoo’s mentorship has helped me develop and grow my skills as a student researcher. Joining a new lab for the summer was exciting as I attained various technical knowledge from working with instruments that I don’t have access to in my lab at Denison. The experience I had was invaluable as I learned the importance of translational research using animal models in a clinical setting where patients are close-by. I am grateful to Battelle for their support and the Knowlton Center for the advising over the years.

April 30, 2020