Research is a fundamental element of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry. Our faculty members are active scholars in a wide variety of chemical and biochemical disciplines, regularly presenting their work at professional conferences and publishing their findings in peer-reviewed scientific journals. The department is deeply committed to sustaining a vigorous and diverse range of collaborative student-faculty research, and the majority of our majors engage in a meaningful research experience prior to graduation.

Students are active participants in research, leading to co-authorship on presentations and publications. Student researchers also have the opportunity to present their work at regional and national professional scientific conferences, such as the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society. Descriptions of faculty research can be found on the Faculty Research Interests page, while ways in which students can become involved in research are described below.

Directed/Independent Study

Students may pursue a short-term research project for credit during the academic year (1-4 credits), under the advising of a specific faculty member. The work is generally done as part of the faculty member’s research program. Students should discuss possible study opportunities with the faculty member of interest well in advance of the registration period for the semester in which the study will be undertaken.

Summer On-Campus Research

Many Denison students collaborate with a faculty member during the summer as part of the faculty member’s research program (see “Faculty Research Interests” below for descriptions). While open to all students, summer research experiences are often used to initiate research that will develop into a senior research project. Summer research students may be funded through internal sources, such as the Anderson Endowment, or through external grants obtained by faculty from agencies such as the National Science Foundation, the Research Corporation for Science Advancement, the Petroleum Research Fund, and the Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation. Funding typically includes research costs, personal stipends, and housing expenses. Summer researchers also have the opportunity to present their work in a campus-wide scientific poster session. Students interested in pursuing summer research opportunities are encouraged to contact faculty early in the preceding fall semester to discuss such opportunities.

Summer Off-Campus Research

Many off-campus programs exist at various universities, institutes, and biotech companies. Some programs may provide stipends and funding. If funding is not available, students may apply for funding through a Battelle Science Internships &Research Award.

Senior Research

Students may pursue a long-term research project for academic credit during their senior year under the guidance of a specific faculty member. Students generally become collaborative researchers in an ongoing faculty research endeavor. Most students register for 4 credit hours each semester of their senior year, which counts as a single upper-level elective course toward the Chemistry or Biochemistry Bachelor of Science degree. Students are encouraged to discuss research opportunities well in advance of their senior year with potential faculty advisors.