Academic Excellence

This honor recognizes consistent and excellent academic performance throughout the curriculum and a passion for the discipline of Biology.

Biology Senior Fellows

This honor is based not only upon excellent academic performance and service to the department,but also the positive attitude and contributions brought to the classroom, research lab and the general environment of the major. The biology faculty view senior fellows as students who pursue biology for its own virtue and provide excellent role models for other students.

Margaret Ann Watkin Scholars

This honor is traditionally given to juniors who display not only academic excellence in the biology major, but a genuine passion for biology and learning. This award also recognizes service to the department, the positive attitude and contributions that the students bring to the classroom, and enthusiasm for research. The Biology Department views The Margaret Ann Watkin Scholar as a student who pursues biology for its own virtue and provides an excellent role model for other students.

Service Award

This honor recognizes consistent and valuable assistance to faculty and students and the positive environment created by these seniors through their passion for biology.

Senior Research

This honor recognizes meaningful participation in an extended research experience within the field of biology. These students have demonstrated autonomy and initiative while pursuing their research.

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