The Eisner Center for the Performing Arts catalyzes Denison University’s mission of providing the breadth and depth of a liberal arts education to our students.

Teaching and learning are amplified by uniting three performing arts departments — dance, music, and theatre — within one building that encompasses faculty offices, classrooms, rehearsal spaces, and performance venues. By co-locating these departments, traditional and lateral (peer to peer) learning is enhanced through collaboration by faculty and students from different disciplines.

Eisner Center hallways are specifically designed to encourage chance meetings that often flow naturally into creative discussions. Shared spaces promote the cross-pollination of ideas between students and faculty with different expertise. And rehearsals, now appreciated by a wider group, interest and attract broader audiences to performances.


Dance students are connected to a wide breadth of cutting-edge and experimental dance practices from global cultures and perspectives. Explore movement on campus and at sites across the world through research and internships.

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Denison is the best place for students who are passionate about music and want the breadth and depth of a liberal arts experience. Denison students engage with professional visiting artists in the classroom and often have opportunities to take part in rehearsals and performances. Groups and ensembles formed of talented faculty, students, and guest artists explore multitude of genres, including jazz, bluegrass, musical theatre, classical and contemporary music.

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With a broad-based liberal arts perspective, the Department of Theatre emphasizes historical, social, and theoretical study in the fundamental principles of theatre arts. The theatre major is designed to develop artistic and intellectual potential, facility in problem-solving, and practical application in stage production. The department produces a wide variety of theatre productions each academic year, with auditions open to the entire campus.

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Denison Museum

A teaching museum, the Denison Museum is fittingly located in the Eisner Center. The museum’s teaching collection includes cultural heritage, historical, scientific, and artistic objects. Exhibitions, mounted in the spring and fall of each year, are curated from these collections or from nationally toured exhibitions. Faculty frequently integrate works from the permanent collection or current exhibition into lectures and discussions. They can access object-based learning opportunities, and work with the museum to create semester-long academic exhibitions.

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Artist’s residencies and visits span all the arts at Denison. These residencies bring nationally and internationally acclaimed artists to campus and give our students new opportunities to learn from and engage with artists. The Eisner Center provides these artists-in-residence with cutting-edge spaces to teach, practice, and performance that facilitate learning in and out of the classroom.