The Michael D. Eisner Center for Performing Arts is home to the departments of dance, music and theatre, creating a dynamic, interactive space where students and faculty can collaborate across disciplines. The building is named for Michael D. Eisner ‘64, a Life Trustee of Denison University, a former chairman and chief executive officer of the Walt Disney Company, and founder of the Tornante Company.

Within almost 108,000 boldly designed square feet, the Eisner Center houses state-of-the-art stages and rehearsal spaces, numerous classrooms and offices, as well as many open spaces especially configured to encourage interdisciplinary activity.

“The relevance of the performing arts in our individual lives and in society cannot be over-emphasized. The arts are relational. They can unite us across differences; they can give us new insights, and they should exist in an inter-disciplinary environment as in this new building. There has never been a time when the arts are more important than today.”

Michael D. Eisner ’64, Denison Life Trustee

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