Where are the performance spaces?

The Eisner Center houses five performance spaces: The Sharon Martin Hall (Room 250), The Thorsen Dance Studio (Room 271), The Burke Recital Hall (Room 202), The Hylbert Family Studio Theatre - formerly the Black Box Theatre - (Room 119), and The Large Rehearsal Space (Room 144).

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Where should I park?

If you park in the College Street Parking Lot:

The College Street Parking Lot opens into a lobby where you will take the elevator to your left or climb the stairs one level to Sharon Martin Hall, Thorsen Dance Studio, and Burke Recital Hall. Descend the main stairway or take the central elevator down to access the Denison Museum, Hylbert Family Studio Theatre, and Large Rehearsal Space. Handicap accessible parking is available.

If you park on Broadway, in front of the Eisner Center:

Entering on Broadway, you are on the same level as Hylbert Family Studio, Denison Museum, and the Large Rehearsal Space.

If you park on College Street:

You can enter the Eisner Center from the west entrance at two levels. The upper level (closest to College Street) opens onto the Burke Recital Hall. This also is the level to access Sharon Martin Hall and Thorsen Dance Studio. If you continue down the sidewalk, you can also enter the Eisner Center at the lower level, next to the Denison Museum and Hylbert Family Studio Theatre. You may enter the Large Rehearsal Space around the corner from these spaces.

ADA Museum Access:

If you have ADA needs, please contact the museum at 740-587-6255 before your visit.

ADA access is found using the Cherry Street and West Broadway parking lot. Park your vehicle as close to the white brick building and cement stairs as possible. Follow the brick path toward the white stone building. The Museum is located on the ground level, around the corner from the parking lot.

Where are the Academic Department Offices?

The Academic Offices are located on the first and second floors of the Eisner, accessed most directly from the Broadway Street entrance. The Dance Office, Theatre Office, and Music Office are all located just inside the Broadway entrance.

How do I get information about Denison arts events?

You can receive updates about arts events at Denison by subscribing to the Arts@Denison email list. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

How do I get tickets for events?

Most events at the Eisner Center are free and open to the public, however, you must reserve a seat. You can reserve a seat by visiting Events & Tickets and clicking on the “Get Tickets” button next to the performance you want to attend.

For further questions, please call the box office at 740-587-6544