Denison boasts generations of students who can attest to its effect on their lives. Each would cite a different reason. And they’d all be right, because Denison’s liberal arts tradition and residential community create a college of endless personal possibilities.

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Multiple Realities

Quantum enthusiast Rahul Shrestha ’21 is many things at once: student, teacher, researcher, yearbook editor & designer, and international student.

Wide open possibilities

When Tima Kaba ’19 returned from a post-graduate fellowship in Tanzania, she was unemployed and uncertain of the future. Today, she is in her dream job.

Students in a classroom

Globalizing the liberal arts

We need to give our students the opportunities to help them develop the skills, values, and habits of effectively working in global ways.

Guiding Student Service and Leadership

With a doctoral degree now under his belt, Matthew Vetter aims to better the Denison community through the implementation of his PhD research.

An Unusual Path to Med School

Tommy McMaster ’19 has been accepted to med school as a junior. He captains the varsity lacrosse team and performs with Denison's improv comedy troupe.

Summer scholars take a deeper look

The summer scholar program gives students the chance to pause in their broader interests and engage one topic in depth.


For David Evanson '82, literacy in math opened a new career as a financial writer.

An Amazing Job

Emma Hazel '12 has a unique group of colleagues at the Lincoln Children's Zoo in Lincoln, Nebraska.