The Office of First-Year Experience offers several orientation programs that provide incoming students with a unique and enjoyable transition to life at Denison. Orientations help first-year students feel at home and productive in the Denison environment by creating a space to embrace the academic, social, and residential challenges and opportunities embedded in a four-year liberal arts college experience.

August Orientation (Aug-O)

The 3-day Aug-O experience is designed to familiarize you with Denison, the members of your class, and issues surrounding the adjustment to college life.

Pre-Orientation (Pre-O)

Denison offers a wide variety of optional off-campus Pre-Orientation (Pre-O) programs, prior to August Orientation, which will help you to expand your horizons, deepen your understanding of yourself, and connect with other first-year students who share your interests and passions.

International Arrival

The Center for Global Programs creates an arrival program to help students settle into their residence halls, open bank accounts, apply for mobile phone services, explore campus, and learn about the Granville and Columbus communities before domestic students arrive on campus.