Mindfulness Orientation

A note about COVID-19

To allow for maximum move-in safety and flexibility, we have elected not to hold our in-person Pre-Orientation programs this August (Art, Canoeing, Mindfulness, Paving the Way, Outdoor, and Service).

While we love these programs, we feel the most important thing we can do is to focus on directly supporting your transition to campus and classes in the fall, and we are dedicating our energy fully to that. We are exploring other small-group experiences that better fit this complex year.

Want to learn how mindful practices can help sustain a vibrant college experience? Apply to Denison Mindfulness Orientation (DMO)!

Denison supports a holistic approach to wellness and well-being, which includes 5 dimensions: personal, intellectual, social, community, and financial. Mindful practices provide the opportunity for well-being in all dimensions, and can be practiced by anyone, anywhere. We acknowledge especially the benefits in stress-reduction that mindful practices provide, which can be useful in navigating a college experience.

This orientation is designed to give first years an introduction to mindful practices, and space to consider what mindful skills they might want to build throughout their Denison career. Participants will at least walk away with relationships that will help them acclimate to life at college (or maybe even a future roommate!), and we hope they will also learn the value of meditation, breathing, mindful movement, and self-awareness for sustaining their well-being on the college journey.

The Schedule

Students arrive on campus for Mindfulness Orientation on Monday, August 17th. The program runs August 18th - 21st. August Orientation begins Sunday, August 23rd.

Safety & Experience

No experience with mindful practices is necessary!

To maintain the quality of this small group experience and to minimize the risks, we ask that you abide by the following policies: non-prescription drugs, alcohol, and tobacco are not permitted on the trip. In addition, please do not use MP3 players, portable radios, cell phones, or other electronic devices on the trip.

What Do I Need to Bring?

A complete packing list will be sent to you with your acceptance packet over the summer.


The cost of DMO is $250. Pell Grant recipients who wish to participate may have their fees waived.

Additional Details

You will move into your fall dorm assignment upon arriving on campus. Athletes in some fall sports might not be able to participate in DMO because of early practices. Check with your coach and be sure to check your email over the summer for forms to complete and additional information.

For more information, contact:


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