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Denison Art Orientation (DAO) explores the vibrant urban arts culture that only a big city can generate.

Denison Art Orientation (DAO) is a 4-day trip where up to 24 members of the Class of 2022 travel to Columbus, OH with 5 faculty, staff, and student leaders. Participants will work with local artists in 3-4 hour workshops that include dance, art, music, and theatre. Some time is also spent touring museums, public art, and Columbus.

DAO is not just for art/theatre/dance/music people. Students who are energized by city life, interested in multicultural experiences, or like to think about how art can capture or change our experiences can have a great time on this pre-orientation. No previous experience in the arts is necessary.

Join DAO this fall! Please complete the application. The deadline is May 14, 2018.

The Schedule

Arriving on Sunday, August 19th you will move into your dorm room and have time to get to know other trip participants. On the morning of Monday, August 20th, you will travel by bus to Columbus. You will return to campus Friday, August 24th and August Orientation will begin Sunday, August 26th.

What Do I Need to Bring?

Participants will be sent a packing list with their acceptance packet in the summer. Most meals are included, but we ask that you bring an additional $50-$100 to help cover the cost of some meals and/or shopping. The trip includes considerable city walking; comfortable walking shoes are required.


The cost of the DAO is $300. Pell Grant recipients who are accepted in the program will have their fees waived.

Additional Details

You will move into your fall dorm assignments upon arriving on campus. Athletes in some fall sports might not be able to participate in DAO because of early practices. Check with your coach and be sure to check your email over the summer for forms to complete and additional information.

For more information, contact:

Kate Tull

Kate  Tull
Academic Administrative Assistant (Philosophy)
Pre-Orientation Coordinator (First-Year Program)
Staff | Philosophy / First-Year Program


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