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The renovation of Curtis Dining Hall that took place this summer included the creation of a new space for gathering with friends, studying, and (when the weather turns cold) enjoying the warmth of the new fireplace.

Starting Monday, Sept. 11, this space will be open for use after the kitchen has closed. Students can use the space until 1 am SEVEN DAYS A WEEK. Please use your ID to swipe into the space when the doors are locked. It's important that students who use the space keep it clean so that Curtis Dining staff aren't faced with additional custodial duties. Students are also expected to return any moved furniture to its proper place.

At the mid-point in the semester, a group of students and staff will review the current plan for making the space available and make adjustments based on early experience.

We're hopeful that you'll use, enjoy, and care for this great new space.

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Monday, September 11, 2017

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