2020 Connect organizes a variety of trips to Columbus specifically for First-Year students. The trips not only familiarize students with the city, but also provide an opportunity to meet fellow classmates. We’re excited to announce that we are planning four more trips this semester! All events are free of charge and spots will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis:

  • Saturday 2/4 (11am-3pm) – North Market and Ohio History Center
  • Sunday 2/12 (11am-4pm) – North Market and COSI
  • Saturday 2/25 (6pm-10pm) – Columbus Blue Jackets Game
  • Sunday 3/5 (1pm-5pm) – Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Spots are limited so make sure to claim yours fast if you know that you’re wanting to attend!! Please e-mail Moriah Ellenbogen for more information or to reserve your spot!!!!

February 14, 2017