With the banners of the classes who have gone before them hung around the Reese~Shackelford Common, the Class of 2025 made their way to their seats on Aug. 26 for the official start of their Denison journey: the annual Induction Ceremony.

The ceremony was the first sign of a more normal year ahead amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as parents and families gathered outside to watch the first-years make their way through the lines of faculty who were there to cheer them on.

“The Denison community will be even stronger with the addition of the Class of 2025,” says Greg Sneed, vice president for enrollment management. “They are smart, talented, diverse—and we look forward to the perspectives they’ll bring to campus.”

An impressive class, to be sure. But even more impressive for their resiliency in the face of a challenging year and for their ability to earn one of 650 spots out of a record application pool of 9,500.

The traditional Induction Ceremony milestones took place throughout the event, including welcome remarks from Sarah Rundell, academic first-year and sophomore dean; Daniel Seely ’23, president of the student body; Greg Bader, vice president for institutional advancement; Susan Kennedy; past chair of the faculty, and Adam Weinberg, Denison’s 20th president. The audience also listened to a performance of “The Fanfare for the Class of 2025,” composed by HyeKung Lee, associate professor and chair of the music department. The piece will be performed again in May of 2025 at the students’ Commencement Ceremony.

Before the Aug-O student staff closed Induction with the singing of the Alma Mater, President Weinberg formally welcomed the Class. “May you cultivate habits of mind, share in our commitment to community, and embrace the values of our mission statement as autonomous thinkers, discerning moral agents, and active citizens of a democratic society.”

Class of 2025: Welcome to your home on The Hill!

August 27, 2021