Every year, the Women’s and Gender Studies Program presents its annual awards in honor of the late Dr. Nan Nowik, Associate Professor of English (1972-1988), former Women’s Coordinator, and co-founder of the Women’s Resource Center at Denison University. The awards were created to celebrate outstanding student work in academic scholarship, activism, artistic expression, and essay. Here are this year’s winners!

Noelle Boyages ‘21 - Senior Academic Scholarship

African American Women and Title IX: Where is Title VI?

Zoe Loitz ‘21 - Senior Academic Scholarship (Honorable Mention)

Embodied Experiences and Analysis of Denison University Accessibility

Joan Do-Truong ‘23 - Activism

Surviving Through Activism

Zoe Loitz ‘21 - Activism (Honorable Mention)

Menstrual Product Activism

Rojika Sharma ‘22 - Activism (Honorable Mention)

Activism Through Art and Workshops

Temitope Sholola ‘21 - Artistic Expression

Poem: My body is inappropriate

Zoe Loitz ‘21 - Essay

Colonized Embodiment: Forced Sterilization of Indigenous Women in Contemporary United States

Muhammad Ali Imran ‘24 - Essay

Patriarchy v. Aurat March

Smelanda Jean-Baptiste ‘21 - Essay (Honorable Mention)

Hubertine Auclert and the Use of Algerian Women in the Late 19th-Early 20th Century Colonial Context

Sky Calderón ‘21 - Essay (Honorable Mention)

Womanist Theology and Christian Paradigms

May 13, 2021