Nan Nowik Memorial Awards 2017-2018

Awards & Honors

Every year, the Women’s and Gender Studies Program presents its annual awards in honor of the late Dr. Nan Nowik, Associate Professor of English (1972-1988), former Women’s Coordinator, and co-founder of the Women’s Resource Center at Denison University. The awards were created to celebrate outstanding student work in academic scholarship, activism, and artistic expression. Here are this year’s winners!

Justine Emma Morelli - Senior Research

Deconstructing Reproductive Rhetoric: Narrative Recollections of Fertility Control, Reproductive Access & Treatment

Makynzie Ashlyn Horvath - Senior Research

Issues of Embodiment: Historical Representations of Samoan Rugby Players and its Global Implications

Imaa Nicco-Annan - Senior Research

The Revival of Grassroots Women Empowerment: A Case Study of GaDangme Puberty Rites and the Role of the Queen Mother in Ghana

Chengyuan Guo - Essay

#BlackLivesMatter: The Womanist Leaderful Model in the Making

Sophia Grace Menconi - Essay

Carrying the Sins of Others: The Theology of Redemption and Black Womanhood in Pauline Hopkins’ Contending Forces

Joselin Samayoa Guerra - Activism

The Water Protectors Community Oral History Project

Náamah Leerdam - Activism

USVI Hurricane Relief Project

Kristine Grace McNulty - Activism

Open Chapters in Tri Delta

Celena Marie Gilmore - Artistic Expression

When 5 Becomes 2, Becomes 3, Becomes 1

Posted Date 
Monday, May 7, 2018


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Online Symposium: Redefining Gender

Denison and Ahmedabad University professors will present online on the topic of "Redefining Gender: Transgressive Thinking and Subversive Solidarities"

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