Employers & Job Titles
  • Assistant Agent, Docherty Talent Agency
  • Boren Scholar, Qasid Institute Jordan
  • Musician, Self-Employed
  • Privacy Advocate, Allstate
  • Software Engineer, Tata Consultancy Services
Graduate Schools & Programs
  • Iceland Academy of the Arts, Violin Performance, MA
  • Indiana University\u2013Purdue University Indianapolis, Museum Studies, MA
  • University of Iowa, Music Composition, MA
  • University of North Texas, Vocal Jazz Studies, MMD

Our graduates have also pursued careers:

  • In teaching in private and public schools and colleges and in private studios
  • In music therapy, music management and administration
  • As critics and freelance writers
  • As conductors and organists for sacred music
  • In performance as soloists, chamber musicians and conductors
  • In composition as composers, arrangers, orchestrators and copyists as music librarians
  • In audio engineering in recording studios or as acousticians
  • In music marketing