Applied Mathematics

Interested in solving problems? Use your mathematics knowledge to impact real-world problems everywhere.

Why study Math at Denison?

While all math programs will teach students to think clearly and provide a robust foundation of quantitative knowledge and creative problem-solving ability, Denison’s highly resourced mathematics program helps you develop effective thinking and communications skills highly sought after by employers in every field. Our educational approach prepares students well for life after college by promoting mathematical independence and open-ended inquiry.

We offer three majors and two minors: a BA and BS in mathematics, a BS in applied mathematics*, and minors in each program. As you think about which path you might choose, we offer an illustration of the difference between mathematics and applied mathematics: Mathematics is ideal for those who enjoy thinking about abstract concepts and theory. Applied mathematics is perfect for those who prefer applying theory in hands-on problem-solving. Regardless of the path you choose, mathematics is an exciting and fundamental part of a liberal arts education. You will gain the capacity to think clearly, search for similar patterns in seemingly different settings, and strive to communicate those patterns with precise logic. These skills translate to many fields of study.

*Pending approval of the Higher Learning Commission

Departmental Guidelines

Students can earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics, a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics, or a minor in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics. You will learn to think abstractly with an emphasis on conceptual understanding, writing proofs, and creating new mathematical models to solve problems. You will learn to use technological tools to enhance conceptual understanding, visualization, and inquiry. In addition, you will learn communication skills, including listening, writing, and presenting. Interactive learning approaches will include group work, exploratory activities, and various projects.

Mathematics majors benefit from:

A highly resourced program: We are able to offer our students access to a vast array of research opportunities, hands-on projects, and technological tools.

Hands-on experience. Mathematics majors at Denison learn to solve the problems that people need to answer in every career field.

Engaging and interactive courses: Our classroom methods empower students to solve problems by asking questions.