Health, Exercise, and Sport Studies Major

Graduation Requirements

  1. Complete the following HESS 200-level courses: HESS 200 - History and Philosophy of Health and SportHESS 201 - Fundamentals Health & ExerciseHESS 202 - Applied Anatomy.
  2. Complete four courses within the HESS 300's (Excluding HESS 350-91).
  3. Complete three courses within the HESS 400's.
    1. Students may choose to complete BIOL 334 - Comparative Physiology: Human and non-human animals as one course within this category.
    2. Students who complete both HESS 451 - Senior Research and HESS 452 - Senior Research will satisfy one course within this category.
  4. Complete three credit hours during the senior year within HESS 350-91.