Degree Requirements

2018 - 2019

Departmental Guidelines and Goals

Liberal-arts colleges such as Denison University strive to cultivate an atmosphere in which individuals gain an appreciation and capacity for sustained personal growth. This self-disciplined approach to personal growth will result in autonomous thought, moral discernment, and contributions to a democratic society. Our department offers the community an extensive environment in which individuals pursue these shared values.
While tradition dictates the department have three aspects - Athletics, Recreation, and Academic Curriculum - the philosophy of the three areas need not be segmented. Put simply, the department pursues the advancement of the individual through the instructional medium of the physical body. We believe that study of the body and its complexity deepens comprehension. Physical exercise improves physical capacity. Performance guides self-referential thought. Competition yields a drive for improvement. And that striving for success within a team enlightens the ties that shape community. At each level, there is agreement that individuals must exercise autonomous thought, act individually within the context of their moral structure, and contribute to the shared environment.
Experiences within this department will facilitate the desire to: achieve personal insight, clarify values, orient action, refine effort, and encounter success.

Health, Exercise, and Sport Studies Major

Within our department, the study of health is within the tradition of physical medicine and rehabilitation, as well as community and individual well-being.  The study of physical exercise is an exploration of the relationships between the structure of the body and its function.  The study of sport seeks to examine the pervasive social institution of sport from a variety of perspectives, applying theory to the experience of the individual, the community, and the sport context.

Graduation Requirements

  1. Complete the following HESS 200-level courses: HESS 200 - History and Philosophy of Health and Sport, HESS 201 - Fundamentals Health & Exercise, HESS 202 - Applied Anatomy.
  2. Complete four courses within the HESS 300's (Excluding HESS 350-91).
  3. Complete three courses within the HESS 400's.
    1. Students may choose to complete BIOL 334 - Comparative Physiology: Human and non-human animals as one course within this category.
    2. Students who complete both HESS 451 - Senior Research and HESS 452 - Senior Research will satisfy one course within this category.
  4. Complete three credit hours during the senior year within HESS 350-91. 

Physical Education Activity

All PHED 100-level offerings are activity classes/intercollegiate sports and are offered for S/U credit. A student may count no more than four credits for participation experiences towards graduation that are credited S/U, unless such credits in excess of four are required for the student's major or minor. One and two credit hour PHED activity courses are offered for 14 weeks during the 1st and 2nd semester. Seasonal sport activities are offered for 7 weeks each quarter for 1/2 credit. 

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Health, Exercise, and Sport Studies
100 West College Street
Granville, OH 43023

Nan Carney-DeBord ’80

Director of Athletics, Professor and Chair of Health, Exercise, and Sport Studies

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