Improving Physical and Mental Well-being for Future Generations

Health, Exercise and Sport Study is a liberal arts approach to the blended undergraduate study of physical medicine, exercise science and sporting culture theory that is both intellectually challenging and unique.

The major is especially apt for students who are interested in careers such as physical therapy, sports medicine, sports management, public health and exercise science. The curriculum offers exciting opportunities for students to broaden their knowledge and connect it to their experiences in and out of the classroom as they prepare for their desired professions.

As each student progresses through the major, they will work with a faculty mentor to help them to prepare a plan that will link their coursework to their professional goals. This plan will guide the student through their senior year project, the culmination of the curriculum. The project connects the students’ educational experiences to their early career goals.

In the health, exercise and sport study major, students will explore the dynamic relationship between the structure and the function of the body within a competitive context. They will be prepared exceptionally well for their career goals, including medical school.