Adaptability is Everything.

The way that work is done in the 21st century is constantly changing. There is no single set of data, information, or technical skills today’s undergraduates can master that will carry them through the coming decades of their careers. It’s critical to be able to navigate rapid change by recognizing what is happening, asking good questions, communicating effectively with teammates and colleagues, thinking through possible consequences, and adapting to evolving circumstances. Our majors’ combination of critical thinking, communication, and applied professional skills prepares them to navigate through uncertainty to success.

The Economy is Global.

From the most local farmer or small-town business to a fully global corporation or NGO, all commerce today is connected to global dynamics and involves a wide variety of stakeholders. Global Commerce majors can look at the big picture to identify how a local venture is connected to the global economy, what challenges those connections pose, and how those challenges can be addressed to achieve success.

Job Competition is Global.

College graduates in the U.S. are competing with job candidates from around the globe, most of whom speak multiple languages and understand something of U.S. culture, while knowing their own culture intimately. Global Commerce levels the playing field by ensuring graduates speak a second language, learn how to operate in other cultures and societies, and develop the skills needed to adapt to each new society and situation that they encounter throughout their lives.


Preparation is Everything.

Regardless of profit goals, the success of any organization depends on effective leadership, healthy organizational culture, financial solvency, a clear understanding of local and global context, the ability to manage risk, and adapt to changing circumstances. Global Commerce majors are prepared to apply their skills working for both for-profit and non-profit global organizations.

Senior reflections

As they prepare to graduate, the women of the Global Commerce Class of 2021 reflect on the lessons they have learned about themselves, the world, and leadership.