Pursuing Coursework in Computer Science

Interested in computer science? Great! The information presented here provides some general guidance that will be useful as you plan your coursework. Keep in mind, however, that this page does not supersede the official catalog entry.

CS 109, 110, 111, and 112 are alternative introductory computer science courses (and entry points into a major or minor).  Depending upon your interests, you may take a class that focuses on digital media, or modeling in the natural or social sciences. Take a look at our course descriptions or the recent syllabi below for more information.

Computer Science Major

Students intending to major in Computer Science are strongly encouraged to take an introductory class during their first semester, and Math 123 (Calculus I) during their first year. It is still possible to major in Computer Science if you start the major during your sophomore year, but your options will be more constrained. 

Typical Course Schedules for CS Majors

The following tables outline typical course schedules for students pursuing majors in computer science.

Computer Science Minor

A minor in computer science requires six courses: a Foundations course (CS 109, 110, 111, or 112), 173, 181, 234, 271, and Math 123.

Computational Sciences Concentration

If you are majoring in another discipline, and are interested in applications of computer science to the natural or social sciences, you should look into the interdisciplinary computational science concentration.


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