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I am an ecologist who uses data analytics techniques to study biodiversity in a changing world. I’m really excited to be a part of the interdisciplinary Data Analytics Program, which represents an emerging field and a set of tools that is increasingly important for success across career paths. As it becomes easier to quickly collect large amounts of data or gain access to complex datasets, a solid foundation in data and computational literacy is needed solve the important problems of our time. At Denison University, my goal is to work together with students to foster creative and critical thought through hands-on learning and research, to become effective communicators and problem-solvers. I teach core courses in the Data Analytics Program, and conduct data-driven ecological research on biodiversity, avian migration, and long-term trends in ecological communities. If you are curious about these things, we should chat! Outside of Denison, I enjoy chasing my kiddos around outdoors, making music, playing board games with friends, and traveling to new and faraway places.

B.S., Valparaiso University; Ph.D., Utah State University

Learning & Teaching

  • DA 101: Introduction to Data Analytics
  • DA 200: Data Analytics Colloquium
  • DA 245: Special Topics, Theory and Practice of Data Visualization
  • DA 301: Practicum in Data Analytics
  • DA 401: Seminar in Data Analytics


biodiversity change; macroecology; long-term community ecology; hummingbird migration; teaching programming; data sharing

My research is motivated by the question: how do perturbations drive fundamental change in taxonomic and functional diversity across ecological scales? I am especially interested in understanding how changes observed at one level of organization (e.g., organism) scale up to impact other levels of organization (e.g., community diversity, ecosystem function). In this work, I combine local-scale field observation and experimental data with the analysis of large continent- and global-span datasets and computational approaches. If you’re interested in how the intersections of programming, math, and ecology can be used to explore biodiversity patterns, please contact me via email or twitter.


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Professional Memberships
  • Licking County Coalition for Housing
  • Women in Analytics
  • Ecological Society of America
  • International Biogeography Society
  • NSF INCLUDES Ecology and Data Science Inclusion Network
  • Biological and Environmental Data Education Network
  • The Carpentries


Grants & Funding
  • The importance of spatial scale for understanding range- and niche-limits. 2019-2022. National Science Foundation DEB-1915913 Collaborative Multi-institution Grant, PI with D. Ward, O.J. Rocha (Kent State University), J.S. Medeiros (Holden Arboretum), and G. Bohrer (Ohio State University). $914,000
  • Biological and Environmental Data Education (BEDE) Network. Research Coordination Network-Undergraduate Biology Education Incubator. 2018-2019. National Science Foundation. co-PI with Drew Kerkhoff, Susy Escheverria-Lodono (Kenyon College), and Matthew Aiello-Lammens (Pace University). $72,000
Honors & Awards
  • Bartlett Family Pre-Tenure Fellow (2020-2021)
Student Collaborations
  • Using crowd-sourced eBird data to infer migration and occurrence patterns of potential avian seed dispersers to invasive eastern red cedar trees in the United States. Jessy Jiahui Niu. Spring, Summer, and Fall 2020.
  • Long-term butterfly diversity in an ecological restoration project at The Wilds, Cumberland, OH. Francis Biagioli, Jonas Nielsen, and Kymani Senior. Spring 2019


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