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- Present
Modern US, Women's History

Megan Threlkeld joined the faculty at Denison in 2008. Her major areas of focus are the United States between 1865 and 1945, and U.S. women’s history. Her recent courses include “Women in the United States,” “The Fourteenth Amendment and the Meanings of Equality,” “Manifest Destiny and U.S. Expansion,” and “The Titanic in History and Memory,” as well as a first-year writing workshop on “History Wars.”

Dr. Threlkeld’s research centers on U.S. women’s international peace activism during the first half of the twentieth century. Her first book, Pan American Women: U.S. Internationalists and Revolutionary Mexico, was published in 2014 by the University of Pennsylvania Press. She’s currently writing a book on the idea of “world citizenship” among U.S. women from the late nineteenth century through the early Cold War.

B.A., Lawrence University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Iowa