Joanna T. Tague

Joanna T. Tague

Associate Professor
Chair of History
Position Type
- Present

Jo Tague is a historian of Sub-Saharan Africa with particular interests in refugee settlement, international humanitarianism, rural development, and African independence movements. She teaches survey courses on Pre-Colonial Africa and Africa After 1800, as well as upper-level courses on Gender and Africa, Comparative African Liberation Movements, Southern Africa, and 19th and 20th Century Eastern and Central Africa.

Dr. Tague’s research explores the relationship between refugee settlement and rural development in decolonizing Africa. She is currently revising her dissertation, titled “A War to Build the Nation: Mozambican Refugees, Rural Development, and State Sovereignty in Tanzania, 1964-1975,” for publication.

Dr. Tague received her B.A. from George Washington University (1998), her M.A. from Ohio University (2003), and her M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of California, Davis (2012). Prior to joining the faculty at Denison in the fall of 2012, she taught courses at California State University, Sacramento, as well as at California State University, Chico.



African Asylum at a Crossroads: Activism, Expert Testimony, and Refugee Rights. Ohio University Press, 2016.