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Hollywood close-up

Cinema students toured studios and met with alumni in the film industry to get a first-hand perspective of life as a filmmaker.

Singer, Songwriter, Entrepreneur

Sydney Kistler ’22 loves performing music — and is equally fervent about the business angle of the industry.

The Payoff

Newspaper intern Jake Gunther ’22 finds the rewards of taking chances.

Organic Matters

Heaven Wade ‘21 always knew she wanted to go into the medical field to help people — but she is “not a fan of blood,” so she focused on research.

Multiple Realities

Quantum enthusiast Rahul Shrestha ’21 is many things at once: student, teacher, researcher, yearbook editor & designer, and international student.

Lax for Life

A hair-razing event unites a team behind a great cause.

Catalonia and the Culinary Arts

An internship at the Smithsonian sparked a fascination that took Josi Miller ’20 to Palamós, Spain — and beyond.

The Inside Scoop

An internship with The Newark Advocate gives Alina Panek ’20 an opportunity to learn from professionals, pitch and write feature articles.

Water for Life

A prestigious award helps students expand a clean water program.

An Internship Goes Sky High

For Oliver Reinecke ’19, a summer internship led to learning and an opportunity to represent his company at a NASA conference.

The American Dream

A student response to "Defining Childhood: Growing up in the US (1860-1940)."

An Unusual Path to Med School

Tommy McMaster ’19 has been accepted to med school as a junior. He captains the varsity lacrosse team and performs with Denison's improv comedy troupe.

Womens March

Women's March as a 'Way of Learning'

Chronicle of Higher Education on the Women's March through the eyes of Denison students as they learn through experience, conversation and participation.

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