The Denison Museum presents Shift: Adapting with Change and Resilience.

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Work courtesy of SAPAR CONTEMPORARY and the artists

Denison University’s Sustainability Office, the Denison Museum, and faculty across disciplines have worked together over the past year to create an exhibition and program series for Fall 2023 centered around the concepts of resilience and change. Ideas of transformation, growth, and adaptability are central themes in understanding and navigating change. This exhibition features three international contemporary artists-Mulyana, Zinaida, and Shinji Turner-Yamamoto-whose work showcases personal narratives, historical events, and natural phenomena that exemplify resilience in facing challenges.

Mulyana’s (b.1984, Bandung, Indonesia) colorful, immersive knitted seascape installation symbolizes current global, social, and environmental concerns (e.g., fast fashion), and inspires a renewed responsibility for both nature and humanity. Zinaida’s (b.1975, Ukraine) video project, The Rooted 2.0, is an extensively researched ethnography detailing the life of the Polishchuks (an ethnic group of the Polissia region) in the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone, and how they persevere despite challenging circumstances. Shinji Turner-Yamamoto’s (b.1965, Japan, US) sculptures contain kernels of natural elements, such as fossils and minerals, which he transforms into captivating new objects that serve as meditations on humanity’s relationship with our environment.

Although their techniques and media vary greatly, these artists all strive to inspire us to shift our gaze outward, to start meaningful dialogue and adapting to a changing world, and what it means to be truly resilient.

This exhibition was made possible through the generous support of Campus Sustainability, Sapar Contemporary, Mulyana, Zinaida, and Shinji Turner-Yamamoto


Based in Bandung, Indonesia, Mulyana’s colorful, knit installations are emblematic of the global social and environmental concerns we currently face and inspire a renewed responsibility for both nature and the respect of all persons. Learn more about the artist.



One of the most important Ukrainian artists working today. The Rooted 2.0 video project is an extensive ethnographic research that observes the cozy life of the Polishchuks (an ethnographic group of the Polissia region) in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Ordinary happiness, which, despite adverse circumstances, smolders in dozens of residents from this region. Learn more about the artist.

The Civilization of Chernobyl Lands:Rooted

Shinji Turner-Yamamoto

Japanese-born U.S.-based artist known for paintings, sculptures, and installations employing elemental materials such as trees, fossils, and minerals, creating profound viewer connections with nature. He uses identifiable imagery to encourage humanity to encounter the essentials in nature and time in new and unexpected ways. He is committed to using historical and natural elements in his work as meditations on the environment. Learn more about the artist.

NATURALIA/ ARTIFICIALIA: converging realms and archetypal arches

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