Teaching museum with a focus on helping faculty and students

The Museum believes that a studied and researched collection is a happy collection. In order to ensure our collection’s happiness, we encourage faculty, students, and scholars alike to use the collection for classroom and scholarly work.

Teaching and Learning with the Collection (Denison Faculty and Students): The Denison Museum is a teaching museum with a focus on helping faculty and students integrate objects of historical, cultural, and artistic value into their academic curriculum. Any of the objects and works in the collection can be made available to use for classes.

Annual Class Visits

Why academic museums matter

  • Experiential and integrative learning experiences linked to classroom content
  • Dissemination of knowledge by producing small, intensely researched, convention- challenging exhibitions
  • Provide low-­risk and meaningful peer ­learning opportunities that foster critical thinking and transferrable skills

Connecting to the Museum

Whether through research, creative writing, science, math, language, or fine art practice, the museum has something to offer to faculty and students across campus. Faculty have partnered with the Denison Museum in their classes across academic disciplines in a variety of ways that work with their classes and teaching style. Working with the museum is as simple as an email or phone call away. Utilize an object for a lecture, integrate objects into a reading, writing, or research assignment—­­step out of the classroom and see how the museum can enhance your course. Each class visit is completely customized to you. Museum staff can simply have museum material ready for your assignment, give introductions or lead object based learning session, to full integration of a customized research, projects, or collaborative exhibitions. Museum staff is here to help, call to connect, or just to brainstorm on how to utilize the Museum and its resources.

Student Research

Students can also request to conduct research on objects in the collection, either as part of a class or for an independent research project under the supervision of a Denison faculty member. We also encourage interested students to consider the Museum as a source for summer scholar research.

For more information on how to use and teaching with the collection, contact:

Studying and Researching the Collection (external scholars and students)

The Denison Museum encourages scholars and students beyond Denison to consider working with our collection. The Museum can provide study images and documentation for use in research, presentation, and the classroom. When appropriate, the Museum can also provide publication quality images for academic, non­commercial use.

Please see our Image Permission Form for our terms of use and to request permission for study or research use.