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Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

Be a Good Neighbor

The Denison Museum presents “Be a Good Neighbor.”

Razed Here; Raised Here

The Denison Museum presents “Razed Here; Raised Here”

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Chasing Pigeons

The Denison Museum presents “Chasing Pigeons” senior show.

Appalachia in Focus

The Denison Museum presents “Appalachia in Focus”

Black Snake Rising

The Denison Museum presents “Black Snake Rising” by RYAN! Feddersen

In Conversation: Will Wilson

The Denison Museum presents “In Conversation: Will Wilson,” organized by Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

Senior Studio Art Exhibition 2021: Flamin’ Estrogen: Reign of Fire

Denison University celebrates senior studio art majors with an exhibition, “Flamin’ Estrogen: Reign of Fire” at the Denison Museum, April 30-May 21.

Rachel Rose: Lake Valley

Lake Valley is an eight-minute video work by American artist Rachel Rose.

Say It Loud

Say It Loud includes the work of world-renowned contemporary Black artists who document and challenge dominant historical perspectives and events.

About Ourselves/Inside Ourselves

This exhibition explores the interaction between LGBTQ+ identities and their history.

The Weather Variations: Connecting Data, Sculpture, and Music

Denison welcomes Artist Nathalie Miebach to offer our campus community new perspectives on the intersection of science, art, and music.

Defining Childhood: Growing up in the US (1860-1940)

The Denison Museum presents an exhibition that explores the varieties of childhood in the US between the Civil War and World War II.

The Work of Emory Douglas

The Denison Museum and the Department of History present the work of revolutionary artist Emory Douglas.

‘Ferguson Voices: Disrupting the Frame’

Denison University presents a traveling photo exhibit emerging from the University of Dayton's Human Rights Center and PROOF: Media for Social Justice.

‘Guerrilla Girls’

The Denison Museum presents a mini retrospective of 30+ years of creative activism by the Guerrilla Girls.


Mattress bags, party table covers, clay hardened by heat, and junk drawer items rendezvous in an exhibit by Assistant Professor Keith Allyn Spencer.

The Weight of your plate: prints by Meredith Clark '17

Denison Museum presents the opening of "The Weight of your plate: prints by Meredith Clark '17"

Homestead, (We)lcome: The ever-evolving experiment

The Homestead 40th Anniversary Festival presents “Welcome to the Homestead: The Ever-evolving Experiment,” an exhibition opening at the Denison Museum.

‘The Art of War: John Lawrence Doyle’s Sharpshooters 76’

The Denison Museum presents an exhibition titled "The Art of War: John Lawrence Doyle's Sharpshooters 76."

‘The Great War: Illustrations by Jean-Louis Forain’

The Denison Museum presents an exhibition titled "The Great War: Illustrations by Jean-Louis Forain."

‘Liberal Arts Today’

Denison Museum exhibit explores what the liberal arts mean today.


The Denison Museum presents "Lumen," a photographic exhibit that explores transition and highlights the issues of climate change.


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2021­-2022 Museum Interns

Interns at the Denison Museum spend time with antiquities, art and objects that enhance their learning, and deepen their connection to their research.

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