Visitor Parking

Denison University offers free parking to campus visitors. Visitors to University offices, including Admission, may park in visitor spaces in P-1 of the parking garage or at Swasey Chapel. Athletics event visitors may park at Mitchell Center, and we offer free campus parking at Swasey Chapel and the Eisner Center as well as in the parking garage for arts and other public events. Please honor the 20-mph speed limit while on campus.

Student and Employee Parking

Faculty, staff, and student vehicles must be registered with Campus Safety and utilize designated parking areas. All motorized vehicles must be registered, including cars, motorcycles, mopeds, vans, and trucks.

Friends of students who visiting campus should park in the visitor spaces or in the first-year parking lot at the Ebaugh Pond parking lot. Please contact Security for instructions for overnight visitors to prevent student guests from getting a ticket.

A student may purchase a temporary parking permit at a cost of $15 (limited to a maximum length of 21 days).

Traffic & Parking Citations

Fines will be posted to student accounts immediately. Students have seven (7) days from the date of citation to file an appeal. A Parking Appeals Board, comprised of faculty, staff, and students, will adjudicate student parking citations. In the event of an overturned citation, the student account will be adjusted accordingly. (All citation fines are added to capital expenditure funds and help fund campus improvements.)