CarShare Program

Denison has partnered with the Enterprise carsharing program to offer a low-cost, sustainable way to meet your travel needs. The carsharing program is open to our faculty, staff, and students. The cars — all five-person, automatic Toyota Corollas — are available to rent 24/7 and may be reserved through the Enterprise carsharing app.


  • Weekday and weekend rates are available hourly or daily. Weekday rates are $9.50/hour or $76/day. Weekend rates are $10.50/hour or $86/day.
  • Rates include fuel, insurance, 24/7 member services, and roadside assistance.
  • The $50 registration fee includes a one-time $25 application fee and a $25 annual membership fee. Join now and receive a $10 credit towards your first carshare!

How It Works

  1. Enroll online via the Denison program.
    • You will need a valid driver’s license and credit card in your name. International driver’s licenses are accepted.
    • The $50 registration fee includes a one-time $25 application fee and a $25 annual membership fee. Join now and receive a $10 credit towards your first carshare.
  2. You will receive a member card in the mail.
  3. Download the mobile app through the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  4. Reserve your car through the app. Log in and select the vehicle and how long you need it.
  5. To use your reserved car:
    1. Go to the designated Enterprise Carshare parking location in the Swasey parking lot.
    2. Hold the member card on the card reader beneath the car’s windshield to unlock the car.
    3. Keys are in the glove box.
    4. Follow all traffic guidelines.
  6. To return your car:
    1. Return the vehicle to its designated parking space in Swasey parking lot.
    2. Return the seats upright, remove keys from the ignition, and turn off the lights and engine.
    3. Take all your personal belongings. Don’t forget your stuff!
    4. Be sure to leave the vehicle in good condition for the next member. If the member using the vehicle after you reports that the vehicle was left in an unacceptable condition, it could result in a fee or affect your membership status.
    5. Return the circular fob on the ignition key to the glovebox keyholder.
    6. Exit the vehicle. Do not manually lock the doors.
    7. Briefly hold your membership card over the sensor on the driver’s side windshield or use your mobile app to end your trip. You’ll know you’ve successfully completed your trip when the doors lock and you see solid red and flashing orange lights.
    8. Please note: Simply returning the car to its designated parking space will not notify us that the car has been returned — you must also complete the steps above to ensure your reservation ends, or late fees may apply.

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