Every year, the Women’s and Gender Studies Committee names a number of rising senior and junior majors or minors as Eloise A. Buker Fellows. The Eloise A. Buker Fellows epitomize the values of the Women’s and Gender Studies program.

This honor is awarded based on students’ demonstrated academic excellence in Women’s and Gender Studies and across degree programs, their demonstrated leadership, and their contributions to the campus community, particularly as it relates to women’s lives.

This year’s honorees include:

  • Kiara Ansley-Hinds ‘24
  • Noah Chartier ‘25
  • Catlin Cornish ‘24
  • Mallory Hartsell ‘24
  • Jaci Hershberger ‘24
  • Muhammad Ali Imran ‘24
  • Maren McIlvaine-Newsad ‘24
  • Raina Runk ‘24
  • Zora Whitfield ‘24
May 4, 2023