Every year, the Women’s and Gender Studies Program presents its annual awards in honor of the late Dr. Nan Nowik, Associate Professor of English (1972-1988), former Women’s Coordinator, and co-founder of the Women’s Resource Center at Denison University. The awards were created to celebrate outstanding student work in academic scholarship, activism, artistic expression, and essay. Here are this year’s winners!

Abigail Luft ‘22 - Senior Academic Scholarship

Gendered Upbringings: How College Students Recount Gendered Aspects of Childhood

Rojika Sharma ‘22 - Senior Academic Scholarship

Mapping South Asian Diaspora Aunties on Media: How do Aunties Curate, Sustain, and Transform Diaspora Identities?

Mir Colbert ‘22 - Senior Academic Scholarship (Honorable Mention)

Consuming Black Womanhood: Displays of Black Women’s Aesthetic and the Content Creators That Mimic Them

Michael Kern ‘22 - Senior Academic Scholarship (Honorable Mention)

Filipina Motherhood in Response to Discrimination: How Migrant Filipina Mothers Pass Down their Culture to their Mixed-heritage Japanese-Filipino Children While Living in Japan

Mai Dang ‘24, Joan Do-Truong ‘23, Farah Farah ‘22, Ali Imran ‘24, Michael Kern ‘22, Lila Kiron ‘22, Anahi Lopez ‘22, Rojika Sharma ‘22 - Activism (1st Place)

Refugee Advocacy Collective

Alexandra Andres ‘24, Catlin Cornish ‘24, Julia Rizzo ‘24 - Activism (2nd Place)

Denison Coalition for Sexual Respect

Diboura Tamirat ‘24 - Artistic Expression (1st Place)


Sophie Boyages ‘22 - Artistic Expression (2nd Place)


Zora Whitfield ‘24 - Artistic Expression (2nd Place)

“Safe Spaces in the Future” and “Fragmentation Exploration”

O. René Garrett ‘23 - Essay (1st Place)

Sex, Medicine, and the Politics of Productivity: The Black Maternity in the Post-Enlightenment West

Minh Tran ‘24 - Essay (2nd Place)

Vietnamese Heroic Mothers and the Politics of Remembrance

May 3, 2022