A modern adaptation of the 15th-century morality play Everyman, Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’ Everybody will keep the audience and cast members on their toes as roles are decided via lottery on the night of the performance.

Everybody tells a playful and profound story of Death coming to fetch Everybody (used here and in the play as a name) and tells the story of a terrified person trying to find a friend to travel with into the afterlife and examine morality along the way.

This 90-minute show is directed by Eleni Papaleonardos and designed by Peter Pauzé and Rebecca Baygents Turk, and will be held on Oct. 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, & 9 at 8:00 pm. Held outdoors on south quad (to the west of the Eisner Center), the production is free and open to the public, though tickets are required. Masks are requested to be worn by those who are not vaccinated. This production contains a discussion of death and the use of adult language.

Sophomore Anna Buescher, a member of the show’s cast, elaborated on the idea that roles are chosen by lottery the night of the performance, creating excitement among cast members who don’t know what role they will end up playing. “Our performance thrives on our cast as an ensemble. We all work off each other’s energy and focus on having as much fun as we can when rehearsing and performing! I am one of the “somebodies,” she said. “There are five of us who have learned five different roles and we do not know which role we are going to play each performance!”

Buescher said that she is excited for the avant-garde performance, which is complete with special effects, fire, and tech setups outside on South Quad. “It has been amazing to see our cast and crew work together to create an amazing show. We all bring something unique to each and every rehearsal and build each other up to create a beautiful space for creativity and exploration,” she said.

September 30, 2021