Denison’s Theatre students are creating and sharing memories.

Play Reading Festival:

On New April 8, 6pm join the Play Reading Festival brought to you by Theta Alpha Phi, the Theatre Honorary Society, for their New Play Reading Festival. Experience a Facebook live reading of the three short student plays which won their recent quarantine playwriting bake-off, “Denison, Drive-Ins, and Dives: A Fun & Sexy Playwriting Contest!” Each student was given five play “ingredients” that had to be incorporated into their plays in whatever way they saw fit.

Senior Memories:

  • Mikayla Trimpey ‘20, Theatre Major
    • I think what I’ll miss most about working in the theatre department is the people. Every production was filled with wonderful, talented individuals. The students at Denison are so incredibly creative and enthusiastic and it’s so fun working with faculty members who you can learn from, and who also want to learn from you. It is genuinely a community of artists and I can’t wait to see what they create next.
  • Helen Thornton ‘20, Theatre Major
    • It’s hard to choose a favorite memory, every show has its amazing memories but I would have to say a highlight was getting to experience working in the Martin for the first time after years of waiting for it. It was really cool and special getting to break in the new stage and help start the process of learning different ways of using it. OR hanging out during preshows of different shows with the crew. OR interpretive dancing to the songs in the show backstage. OR Working in the scene shop. I’ll miss the people. The department has been my family for the last 4 years. The professors, my casts, classmates, I’m gonna miss them all.

Shared by Arts@Denison:

Until we can be together physically, Arts@Denison is sharing weekly greetings, profiles, and performances to keep us connected through the fine arts. In the coming weeks we will celebrate the artistry of our students, faculty, staff, alums, and visiting artists. They will demonstrate the love, resilience, and creativity of Denison-connected artists and the power of the arts and our artists. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more arts from our Denison community.

April 9, 2020