For over fifty years the Beck Series, funded by the Harriet Ewens Beck Endowment for English, has been a mainstay of creative writing studies at Denison University. The series provides students the opportunity to hear, study with, and engage some this country’s finest writers in the close quarters and pastoral setting of our hilltop campus. This time, Beck is bringing in Author Min Jin Lee, best known for her novels “Pachinko” and “Free Food for Millionaires” to our community.

A Q&A with Michael J. Croley, director of Beck Series.

What are the things that excite you about having author Min Jin Lee here on campus?

“Min Jin Lee is one of the most exciting authors working right now. Her exploration of the Korean Diaspora in ‘Pachinko’ and the role of immigrants in America in her first book are about people living through the very ideas and troubling times we are contemplating now as the world moves inward toward nationalist ideas.”

March 12, 2019