Creation, Collaboration, and Community

The Fall Dance Festival of Student Choreographers, which grew out of Denison dance professors’ proposal of a collaborative space for students to showcase their amazing work, celebrates its second year as a playground for dance majors, minors, or any Denisonians who just love moving along with music. It is an opportunity to leave a mark, and introduce new, creative and exciting choreographies to the community.

Jules Rizzo ‘24, a dance fellow majoring in dance and English, says, “There’s not a common theme other than just collaboration and dance. There’s already a ballet group signed up, jazz dancers are on board, and we’re expecting some hip-hop too.” There is no limitation to creativity. “Last year,” Rizzo recalls, “there was even experimentation and some gymnastics and a piece that incorporated elements of both ballet and hip-hop.”

Another thing that makes the festival unique is that it is directed and produced by students who are dance fellows. The performance event provides students with arts leadership experience. Fellows work closely with dance faculty to help to create energy and excitement for activities and productions initiated by the Dance Department.

Grace Han ‘24, a senior double major in dance and global health who also serves as a dance fellow, expressed her excitement for this year while reminiscing about last year’s festival. “The costumes last year were really fun,” Han shared.  From cat-like choreography to hip-hop performed to Beyonce, “all the pieces last year were really impressive.”

“It’s a celebration of dance at all levels, from beginners to advanced,” Rizzo said, as we look forward to this year’s festival.

September 21, 2023