Scholarships for Incoming First-Year Students

Denison offers various scholarships to recognize talented incoming first-year students who have a passion for the arts, including dance. Awards range from $5,000 up to half tuition, and are renewable for four years—regardless of whether the student decides to major in dance.

Applicants wishing to be considered for an Arts Scholarship must submit a portfolio by their chosen application deadline. Please visit the Arts Applicants page for details.

Scholarships and Awards for Current Students

Student Fellows

Each spring, the Dance Department faculty solicit applications from all majors and minors for the honor of serving as a Department Fellow for the following academic year. A committee composed of Dance Department faculty, senior Fellows, and at least one graduate review the applications and select the slate of Fellows who will serve in the following year. Fellows serve as hosts for guest artists, participate in the selection of incoming faculty members, and bring student desires and issues to the table. Additional responsibilities are assigned according to the interests and talents of the students elected. These students often are also designated as technology assistants or teaching assistants and provide their peers with extra help with coursework.

We are very proud of our Department Fellows. They come from a variety of backgrounds and exhibit very different interests in and commitments to dance. They demonstrate that a wide range of involvement is welcomed here. Please feel free to contact any of these students with questions about coming to Denison.