Wynn Reed

Wynn Reed ’21

Dance, Geoscience

While I was in ballet, jazz, and tap classes for a decade growing up, it wasn’t until my third year at Denison that I realized that I wanted to be a dancer. Right now I’m not sure what lies on the path ahead in terms of a career in dance, as I am still learning new dance techniques each semester at Denison. At the moment, I am immersed in contemporary dance and I love it (!) although I am also fond of learning about somatic practices. I have spent half a decade as a student at Denison; during my time in the Dance Department I have come to understand myself more deeply through learning about and caring for my body.

Abby Masturzo

Abby Masturzo ’23

Biology, Dance

I began dancing at the age of two with my first ballet class. I have been trained in many styles of dance including jazz, modern, and hip-hop, with a strong focus on ballet and pointe. My love for performing and the arts continued to draw me into the world of dance and performance. Whether it is singing, playing the piano, or dancing, the arts have been a prominent part of my life. During my time at Denison, I have been welcomed by the Dance Department faculty. It has been a gift for me to continue to infuse dance and movement into my daily life and explore other avenues and styles of dance. I am grateful for the many opportunities I have been given by the Denison Dance Department and look forward to delving into choreographic exploration and new body connections.

Sebastian 'Bas' Goodman

Sebastian 'Bas' Goodman ’23


Hello, my name is Sebastian Goodman, but you can also call me Bas. I am majoring in Dance here at Denison University. I am from Rockville, Maryland. I began dancing my sophomore year of high school when I joined a pop dance club. I had always enjoyed dancing since I was young, but I was always shy about it, still am. The day I decided take an interest in modern dance was at my high school’s winter dance show. Since then, I have been enjoying creating choreography, studying, and learning from different people and also learning different types of dancing.

Fiona Shepherd

Fiona Shepherd ’23

Dance, Psychology

I have been immersed in the dance world for as long as I can remember - I have been trained in a wide range of styles including modern, ballet, jazz, theater, and tap (a personal favorite). Whether it be performing, competing, teaching, or creating, I have always been drawn to this medium as a sense of connecting and exploring. Through Denison I have really been given the chance to grow upon that.

The Denison Dance Department has given me the greatest sense of community I could have asked for, one that drew me in and welcomed me immediately upon stepping foot onto campus. Though only one year in, I have been given the opportunity to become fully absorbed with what the department has to offer, and I am a better person and artist because of it. Through Denison I have begun to evolve as an artist, forming and fostering deeper connections with both myself and others, through our shared passion of this art.

I am grateful for all the opportunities and experiences I have already been given at Denison, and am more than excited to continue my learning and exploring through this upcoming year!

September 4, 2020