Vaval Victor

Vaval Victor ’20

Dance, Anthropology/Sociology

My dancing stated in my living room trying to imitate music video dancers from this show called 106 & Park. I really enjoyed the artist like Michael Jackson, Usher, and even Chris Brown for their dancing. This is where my love for Hip-Hop dance started. Through school, I joined an after-school art program called Young Audiences.

With the help of this program, I started going to Hip-Hop Dance camps. These camps were taught by former hip-hop dancers in New Orleans. This is where my training in Hip-Hop started. I also grew in the Southern Baptist church. This is where I learned Lyrical Spiritual Dancing.

Growing up I would perform in church mostly, but also in school. Along the way I fell in love with choreographing. When I got to college I didn’t expect to become a Dance major, I simply knew I enjoyed moving. After taking a few classes, I was hooked. I plan to study how black dance has evolved from West Africa to, for example, the streets of New York. I also plan to find the answers to these questions using anthropological and sociological research methods.

September 1, 2019