Mouses and Marrow looks at the abstraction and illusion of sameness in queer relationships, and the efforts in attempting to understand another person. James Graham is a San Francisco-based choreographer, performer, and teacher. His company, James Graham Dance Theatre, presents his work while also curating the work of others, namely in Dance Lovers…duets by couples, crushes, and comrades, a show of duets presented annually around Valentine’s day in San Francisco.

James Graham Dance Theatre was created in 2010 to encompass the creative pursuits of James Graham. He combines an array of disciplines to realize his artistic visions and engage his community. Graham’s works are built using contemporary/modern dance, improvisation, ritual, theatrical devices, text, and the movement language of Gaga. Graham’s pieces are constructed worlds that illuminate larger life themes, specifically looking at self identification (gender and sexuality), interpersonal relationships/how humans interact, and Western/ American culture…which are filtered through a Queered perspective.

James Graham Dance Theatre’s MISSION is to create dancetheatre works that deal with universal human experiences in order to provide a space for audience members to understand themselves (and others) in new ways.

March 7, 2019