Alex Rivera and Bridget Ryan, in partnership with the Denison Department of Dance, present “We were, We are, We will,” a pairing of two senior research performance solos. Ryan’s solo, “A Space Between Here and There,” and Rivera’s solo, “Becoming a hu[Man]…maybe,” both explore themes of gender in relation to their past experiences.

A Q&A with Bridget Ryan about her piece, “A Space Between Here and There.”

What is your dance about?

“My piece is about the ways I have learned to use my body as a woman. I am exploring my physical potential as a body, gender norms that I have internalized, and investigating the ways that I can move within and against those.”

Describe your research process? Were there any impressive, creative, or difficult moments?

“The hardest part of my research process was knowing how to start. Having to create the process as I went instead of knowing the process ahead of time involved a lot of becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable, which was definitely a struggle in the beginning.”

What excites you about the upcoming performance?

“I have been working on this piece all year, and it has been exciting to see it evolve. It is a very personal piece, so I’m looking forward to sharing it with others.”

February 22, 2019