From white elephant gifts to cross-country sports, numbers impact our lives. The 2020 summer scholars share the results of their 10-week research projects.

Regret Numbers
Khoi Le (Computer Science BS major and a Mathematics minor) and Derek Sun (Computer Science BS major and a Psychology minor)
Faculty Advisor: Ashwin Lall

Win in a Party Game: Optimal Policy in White Elephant Gift Exchange
Junye Li (Mathematics BA major and Computer Science BA major)
Faculty Advisor: Matt Kretchmar

Classifying all 4-point regular triangle-free graphs
Grey McCarthy (Mathematics BS major) and Jingqian (Tony) Tang (Mathematics BA major, Computer Science minor and Philosophy minors)
Faculty Advisor: Josh Edge

Generalized Simon Invariants Link
Jorge Ramirez (Mathematics BS major and a Spanish BA major)
Faculty Advisory: Sarah Rundell

Exploring Equity in the Golf Skins Game
Olivia Strasburg (Computer Science BS major and a Chemistry minor)
Faculty Advisor: Matt Kretchmar

Evaluation of the Fairness for Schools with Different Size in Cross Country Running
Yubo Wang (Computer Science)
Faculty Advisor: Matt Kretchmar

October 9, 2020