Degree Requirements

Computational Science Concentration

Computational Science is the field of study concerned with constructing mathematical models and numerical solution techniques, and using computer algorithms and simulation to analyze and solve scientific, social scientific, and engineering problems.

The Computational Science concentration consists of four core courses —
MATH 145Multi-variable Calculus
MATH 213Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
CS 173Intermediate Computer Science
One of
CS 109
Discovering Computer Science
CS 110
Discovering Computer Science: Digital Media and Games
CS 111
Discovering Computer Science: Scientific Data and Dynamics
CS 112
Discovering Computer Science: Markets, Polls, and Social Networks
And an additional course at the 200-level or above. This additional course, which may be in another department, must have a strong and persistent mathematical modeling or computing component and must be approved in advance by the Mathematics and Computer Science Department.

In addition, students must take a two semester sequence of courses in a department other than Mathematics and Computer Science. A written plan for completing the concentration must be approved by the Mathematics and Computer Science Department prior to enrollment in the elective course. In particular, the elective course and cognate requirements above must be chosen consistently with a valid educational plan for the study of Computational Science (as defined above). Any mathematics major who wishes to complete this concentration must choose a computer science course as their elective course. Any computer science major who wishes to complete this concentration must choose a mathematics course for their elective course. A double Mathematics and Computer Science major is not eligible for this concentration.

Please see the Computer Science degree requirements for an overview of requirements necessary to complete this concentration.

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