Denison’s Rebecca Futo Kennedy is associate professor of classics and administrative director of the Denison Museum. In an interview with the Society for Classical Studies, she shares how the she balances the work of two very different positions, (yet both within the world of classics) with a home life that includes an active child.

Kennedy offers insight to her philosophy:

“We all work in ways that best suit our circumstances and needs, and there no right way to work. I wish mostly that my fellow classicists knew that we should allow for this variation in ourselves, our colleagues and students and that it’s ok if we don’t work 14-hour days, especially if we can be more effective in 6-8 hours. The worst thing we can do is make others and ourselves feel guilt or shame because we don’t work the same way as others do. Those feelings can take away enjoyment and make us less efficient and productive with the time we do give our work.”

September 18, 2018