Goodspeed Lecture Series

Here are just a few notable speakers from past years:
  • Martin E. Marty Religious scholar & author of “Righteous Empire: The Protestant Experience in America”
  • Eddie Glaude Religious scholar & author of “Exodus! Religion, Race, and Nation in Early 19th Century Black America”
  • Donald K. Swearer Religious scholar & author of “Becoming the Buddha: The Ritual of Image Consecration in Thailand”
About the Series

Edgar Goodspeed

Edgar Goodspeed, one of the most important American Biblical scholars of the twentieth century.

The Goodspeed Lectureship enables the Religion Department—often in conjunction with other departments and programs—to bring to Denison credentialed scholars related to Religious Studies, to deliver an all-campus convocation lecture. The convocation lecture, of publishable quality, is the central event of the scholar’s visit, but the visit also includes significant classroom participation and other engagement with students. The scholar’s publications are typically integrated into the curriculum of courses offered during that semester. While the principal benefactor was in the field of Biblical studies, the lectureship has enabled the College to invite scholars to lecture at Denison from the field of Religious Studies as broadly conceived.

The Goodspeed Lectureship was endowed with funds donated to Denison by the brothers Edgar Johnson Goodspeed (1871-1962) and Charles Ten Broeke Goodspeed (1869-1949), both of whom graduated from Denison in the Class of 1890. The Lectureship is named after Edgar Goodspeed, who was a scholar of Greek and the New Testament, and one of the most important American Biblical scholars of the twentieth century.

Series Archives

2018 - 2019

Goodspeed Lecture: 'Jewish Tradition and the Judeo-Christian Tradition' (129995)

The Goodspeed Lecture Series welcomes Jonathan Jacobs.

Goodspeed Lecture Series: Becky Thompson (128807)

Goodspeed Lecture Series: Becky Thompson presenting "Born to Belonging"

Goodspeed Lecture Series: Andrea Jain (128786)

Goodspeed Lecture Series welcomes Andrea Jain presenting "Peace Love and Yoga"

Denison University welcomes the Goodspeed Conference: "Compassionate Love Meditation and Retreat"

Denison University welcomes the Goodspeed Conference: "Confronting Mara and Mammon"

Goodspeed Conference: "Buddhist-Christian Dialogue for Spirituality and Resistance"

Goodspeed Conference (129577)

Conference: Confronting Mara and Mammon: Buddhist-Christian Dialogue for Resistance and Spirituality

Denison University welcomes the Goodspeed Conference: "Why Buddhist-Christian Dialogue for Now? Interfaith Dialogue for Social Transformation."

Goodspeed Lecture Series: Amie Breeze Harper (128624)

Goodspeed Lecture Series welcomes Amie Breeze Harper presenting "Mindful or Deluded?"

Goodspeed Lecture: Rebecca Todd Peters (103695)

The Goodspeed Lecture welcomes Elon University professor Rebecca Todd Peters.

2017 - 2018

The Goodspeed Lecture welcomes York University professor Phil Harland presenting "A Cultural History of Satan."

‘Reading Mary Alongside Indian Surrogate Mothers’ (103115)

The Goodspeed Lecture welcomes professor Sharon Jacob presenting "Made in Bethlehem: Reading Mary Alongside Indian Surrogate Mothers."

Goodspeed Lecturer: Kambiz GhaneaBassiri (102934)

The Goodspeed Lecture welcomes Reed College professor Kambiz GhaneaBassiri presenting "Religion and State in Contemporary Politics of Muslim America."

‘The Rights Turn in Conservative Christian Politics’ (102022)

The Goodspeed Lecture welcomes Andrew Lewis presenting "The Rights Turn in Conservative Christian Politics: How Abortion Transformed the Culture Wars."

2016 - 2017

‘Reading Revelation Queerly’ (87222)

The Goodspeed Lecture welcomes Lynn R. Huber presenting "Virgins, Beasts and the Great Whore: Reading Revelation Queerly."

Yoga and Social Change (87289)

The Goodspeed Lecture welcomes Becky Thompson presenting "Love Calls Us to the Things of this World: Yoga and Social Change."

Colby College Professor David Freidenreich (87308)

The Goodspeed Lecture welcomes Colby College Professor David Freidenreich.

Asian Feminist Theology (87236)

The Goodspeed Lecture presents a talk about Asian feminist theology titled "Asian and Asian American Feminist Theology and Biblical Scholarship."

‘The Gambit of Global God Men’ (87309)

The Goodspeed Lecture welcomes University of Pittsburgh professor Joseph Alter presenting "The Gambit of Global God Men."

Author and Activist Walter Echo-Hawk (86456)

The Goodspeed Lecture welcomes Native American author, activist and attorney Walter Echo-Hawk.

Religion and politics (86506)

Robert P. Jones, CEO of Public Religion Research Group, presents "The End of White Christian American and Its Implications for the 2016 Election."

2015 - 2016

The Goodspeed Endowed Lectureship welcomes Dr. Peter Gottschalk presenting "The Secret History of American Islamophobia."

The Goodspeed Lecture Series welcomes theologian Keri Day, presenting a lecture titled "The Unfinished Business of American Democracy."

Keri Day (Texas Christian University, Brite Divinity School)

2014 - 2015

'Sacred Groves as Common Property Resource' (38338)

The Goodspeed Lecture Series welcomes Eliza Kent presenting “Accidental Environmentalists: Sacred Groves as Common Property Resource.”

'The Spiritual and Intellectual Benefits of an Unstable Bible' (39159)

The Goodspeed Lecture Series welcomes Hal Taussig

Hal Taussig (Union Theological Seminary & Reconstructionist Rabbinical College)

'Sacred Mountains in India' (38354)

The Goodspeed Lecture welcomes David Haberman presenting "Environmental Possibilities in the Worship of Sacred Mountains and Trees in India."

2013 - 2014

'Uncertainty in Ancient Christianity' (38968)

The Goodspeed Lecture Series welcomes Maia Kotrosits presenting "Who is the 'I am'?: Gender, Divinity, and Uncertainty in Ancient Christianity."

Religion in Memeland and beyond (38957)

The Goodspeed Lecture Series welcomes Timothy Beal presenting “The Word According to Rihanna: Bible and Religion in Memeland and Beyond.”

'Republican Party to Republican Religion' (38917)

The Goodspeed Lecture Series welcomes Anthea Butler presenting “From Republican Party to Republican Religion: How the Religious Right moved...”

Douglas E. Oakman, Pacific Lutheran University, “Two Kingdoms, One Table: Jesus in Political Perspective”

Malcolm X and the Arab Cold War (38723)

The Goodspeed Lecture Series welcomes Edward Curtis presenting "Malcolm X in the Crucible of the Arab Cold War."

'Moral Injury and Soul Repair in the Aftermath of War' (38641)

The Goodspeed Lecture Series welcomes Rita Nakashima Brock.

James Krehbiel (Ohio Wesleyan University)

Choon-Leong Seow (Princeton Theological Seminary)

The Goodspeed Lecture Series welcomes Leong Seow.

"Education: Old and New" (38473)

The Goodspeed Lecture Series welcomes John Haldane, University of St. Andrews, presenting "Education: Old and New"

2012 - 2013

Sara Patterson (Hanover College)

Sister Helen Prejean (Ministry against the Death Penalty)

Kwok Pui-Lan (Episcopal Divinity School)

Mary E. Hunt (Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual (WATER))

Will Womack (Research Associate of the American Baptist Historical Society)

2011 - 2012

William Propp (University of California, San Diego)

Kelly Brown Douglas (Goucher College)

John K. Roth (Claremont McKenna College)

Stephanie Kaza (University of Vermont)

Patrick S. Cheng (Episcopal Divinity School)

2010 - 2011

Stephanie Kaza (University of Vermont)

David Billotti (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)