Shiri Noy

Shiri Noy

Associate Professor
Director, Latin American & Caribbean Studies
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- Present
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Shiri Noy is Associate Professor of Sociology at Denison University. Her research spans the areas of political, development, and cultural sociology, focused on topics ranging from public perspectives on science and religion to health policy in Latin America. You can find out more about her research on her website. In keeping with these interests, she teaches courses on international development, public perspectives on science and religion, and survey research methods, among others. She is developing a research stream on kindness, and is excited to be teaching a new course in this area. Dr. Noy is fundamentally interested in how we approach ways of understanding the social world, and how best to collect and analyze data that helps us untangle and address issues of substantive, conceptual, theoretical, and empirical interest. All of her courses include a research component—ranging from conducting focus groups to artifact analysis, as she believes that the best way for students to learn social science is by doing social science.

B.A. from McGill University; M.A. and Ph.D. from Indiana University, Bloomington

Learning & Teaching

  • ANSO100: People, Culture, Society
  • ANSO245/LACS200: Sociology of International Development
  • ANSO351: Survey Research Methods
  • ANSO345: Public Perspectives on Science and Religion




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  • Noy, Shiri. “Looking out, working in: How policymakers and experts conceptualize health system models in Argentina, Costa Rica, and Peru.” World Development 139, 105300: 1-10. DOI: (lead article)
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  • Noy, Shiri and Megan Hancock. “Teaching International Development Locally: Using Museum Collections to Ground Students’ Learning.” Teaching Sociology 49(1): 32-44. DOI:


  • Jabbour, Randa and Shiri Noy. “The Promise of a Multi-Disciplinary, Mixed-Methods Approach to Inform Insect Pest Management: Evidence From Wyoming Alfalfa.” Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems 4, 548545: 1-14. DOI: [open-access]
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  • Noy, Shiri and Randa Jabbour. “Decision‐Making in Local Context: Expertise, Experience, and the Importance of Neighbours in Farmers’ Insect Pest Management.” Sociologia Ruralis 60(1): 3-19. DOI: (lead article)
  • Painter, Matthew A. II, Shiri Noy, and Malcolm D. Holmes. “Skin tone and asset inequality in Latin America.” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 46(18): 3892-2919. DOI: 10.1080/1369183X.2019.1592881


  • Thunström, Linda and Shiri Noy. “The Value of Thoughts and Prayers.” Proceedings for the National Academic of Science (PNAS), DOI: [open-access] Media coverage includes: Washington Post, CNN, The Guardian, ABC News, Revista Planeta, NPR
  • Noy, Shiri and Timothy L. O’Brien. “Science for Good? The effects of education and national context on perceptions of science.” Public Understanding of Science. DOI:


  • O’Brien, Timothy L. and Shiri Noy. “Cultural Authority in Comparative Context: A Multilevel Analysis of Trust in Science and Religion.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 57(3): 495-513. DOI:
  • Noy, Shiri and Timothy L. O’Brien. “An Intersectional Analysis of Perspectives on Science and Religion in the United States.” The Sociological Quarterly 59(1): 40-61. DOI:


Grants & Funding
  • 2015 American Sociological Association (ASA) Fund for the Advancement of the Discipline Award for “World Bank Discourse on Health Sector Reform, 1980-2010”
  • 2014 Basic Research Grant for “World Bank Health Projects, 1980-2010,” University of Wyoming
  • 2013 Agricultural Experiment Station Grant, Co-PI with Randa Jabbour, “Assessment of alfalfa pest management challenges and strategies across Wyoming: Responding to farmer priorities and engaging students in the land-grant mission.” University of Wyoming
Honors & Awards
  • 2017 Top Ten Teacher Award, University of Wyoming
  • 2017 Promoting Intellectual Engagement (PIE) Teaching Award, University of Wyoming
  • 2015 Winner of the 2015 Esther L. Kinsley Ph.D. Dissertation Award, Indiana University
  • 2014 Promoting Intellectual Engagement (PIE) Teaching Award, University of Wyoming
  • 2013 Schuessler Award for Graduate Research, Indiana University
  • Best faculty paper for “The World Bank and Targeting in Health Policy in Peru, Argentina, and Costa Rica.” Sociology of Development Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah


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