“We are in the midst of a pandemic. But that midst differs by place. Health crises exacerbate underlying inequities, and countries vary in expertise, infrastructure, and the will to address them,” says a paper titled, “The Sociology of Development, Global Health, and COVID-19,” of which Assistant Professor Shiri Noy is lead author.

It goes on to note: “While the study of global health within the sociology of development is nascent, work in this area can offer critical insight into understanding both the differences in responses as well as lenses through which to examine the social dimensions of pandemics.” And the paper offers three insights:

  1. Effective Interventions Require Coordination
  2. Expertise and Solidarity are Critical in the Face of Uncertainty
  3. Structural Inequities are Exacerbated and Compounded, But We Have an Opening to Act
June 30, 2020