Associate Professor Sheilah ReStack Receives $43,800 Grant

Posted: May 8, 2018
installation view from Stack for Carrington's Hyena

film bitten and chewed while walking in IrelandGRANVILLE, Ohio—The Canada Council for the Arts has announced that Denison University Associate Professor Sheilah ReStack has been awarded a grant of $43,800 for her proposed collaborative video and photographic work, titled “Future From Inside” (FFI).

According to ReStack, FFI will be an experimental video that will simultaneously generate photographic materials for collages and sculptures. Using the archetype of the journey, she and her partner plan to travel to northern Newfoundland to craft an experimental narrative around questions of queer desire, feminism, domesticity, motherhood and reproduction amidst climate change.

ReStack states, “In all our collaborations, we (Dani and I) mine the experiences of the personal as holding potential to fracture and access a larger experience. We are committed to hypotheses that live firmly in the world of recognizable forms, but yield the unknown through collisions of image and materials.”

the studio of work in progress for House Becomes YouThe grant will be apportioned over a two-year period. This particular grant from the Canada Council for the Arts supports the initial stages of the creative process. Canadian artists, artistic groups and arts organizations can apply to develop and make creative works. Grants provide support for creative research, creation and project development.

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