Doane Dance Building

Built in 1905, Doane Dance is home to the Dance Department, where courses in modern/postmodern, African Diaspora, and Dance Studies are taught.
History & Architecture
The Doane Dance building is Jeffersonian Federal Revival style built in 1905 and designed by Richards, McCarty & Bulford of Columbus. The firm designed four other structures on campus in the same style. Originally a gymnasium, the building was also home to art studios before being renovated to house the dance department starting in 1975. A large studio/performance space, which seats 100, is equipped with a full set of theatrical lights and a professional sound system. Its sound/light booth includes a sound recording and mixing board, 24 dimmers and a dimmer doubling system. A second smaller studio has video playback capacity. Both studios are equipped with a five-layer, spring-loaded floor and virtually all technique classes are accompanied by live music. The building also houses a costume shop with sewing machines, washer and dryer and supplies, a seminar room, a student computer lab, and a conference room.

What's Happening Here

Faye Driscoll - Informal Showing

Faye Driscoll performing her latest work at the Doane Dance Performance Space at 7 pm on Wednesday, February 6, 2019.

Summer Dance Opportunity Informational

Come join the Dance faculty as they share what they know about many festivals and workshops around the US and internationally at this informational.