The Arts at Denison

March 17, 2016

Everywhere you look at Denison, you’ll see the influence of the arts. That’s because Denison’s culture is one of creation and collaboration, of small classes and individualized instruction spanning theatre, creative writing, art history, dance, cinema, music, studio art, and more.

At Denison, skilled artists (including our professors!) and newcomers alike pursue creative expression together — because at their core, the arts at Denison are based on relationships between and among faculty, students, visiting artists, and alumni who continue to cultivate their lifelong passion for the arts as a career or avocation.

Our hometown of Granville and the campus itself house galleries, museums and performance venues. And the arts scene in Columbus, just a 30-minute drive from Denison and cited as one of the nation’s most exciting cities for Millennials, is internationally recognized as home to extraordinary venues for the arts — including prominent galleries, acclaimed museums, historic theatres, and many more.

Between the big city and our college town, Denison students, along with their faculty mentors in the arts, have uncommon access and countless opportunities to explore the work of performers, producers, writers and visual artists. And we’re proud to be a part of a culture that cultivates creative expression.

This video highlights the importance of the arts at Denison.

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